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What is Real Aikido? It is the aikido you practise... right :)

This question could be taken in a number of different ways.

For example, Master Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei was the founder of the art, so what he did on and off the mat must have been real Aikido - right? But, many of Morihei's top students branched out and taught their particular take on the art. After the founder passed on in 1969, the art became even more fragmented.

Unfortunately, the question comes up over and over again... who is teaching the real Aikido as laid down by O'Sensei?

There are several very different ideas on this...

Aikikai Foundation is the largest aikido organisation, that is run by Moriteru Ueshiba, the founders grandson.

Aikido Yoshinkan is a large organisation founded by Gozo Shioda that focuses on the early hard style taught to him by the founder.

Ki Aikido is a large organisation founded by Koichi Tohei that focuses on the study of ki energy. Tohei was awarded 10th Dan by O'Sensei.

Iwama Aikido is a style taught by Morihiro Saito who studied with O'Sensei for about 24 years. This could be the nearest to real aikido.

These are the main ones, but there are many more!

What aspects are  important to you. It may be traditional flowing Aikido, powerful martial Aikido, or soft, flowing Aikido with ki energy.

In my classes at the Arun Aikido Club, we focus on basic postures and techniques of Aikido Yoshinkan. We also train in flowing Aikido with a focus on important Aiki principles that make the techniques work. We teach a broad range of principles to our students.

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