Reflexology Foot Massage
for Your Health & Vitality!

The art of reflexology is found in the healing methods of many ancient cultures. A holistic therapy based on the idea that dis-ease are caused by our lifestyle. 

Our feet used to connect us all to the earth's magnetic core. But with the use of modern footware we have all become disconnected. Foot massage using reflex therapy simply stimulates your body's natural ability to heal itself.

A healer using reflex therapy, concentrates on the reflex areas of hands and feet where the nerve endings are close to the skin and more accessible.

Stimulation of these reflex points will release any blockages of energy, toxins, poisons, stress and tension which will improves your circulation.

Each reflex area on your feet directly corresponds to the location of the organs in your body. These same points can be found on your hands.

An effective method of massage is to walk barefoot over rough terrain which stimulates the reflexes and will greatly improve your circulation.

This method will also gives you exercise and fresh air, that allows the natural lifeforce to bring renewed vigour to every part of your being.

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Reflexology Helps to
Balance Your Energy Centres

Reflex zone therapy was first introduced in the West by William H. Fitzgerald in the 20th century. He discovered that pressure applied to the body had a healing effect. He developed a map of the body on the feet and zone therapy was born.

This was continued by Eunice Ingham who believed that all parts of the body could be treated by applying pressure to the feet. Reflexology is healing and therapeutic because it uses touch to aid deep breathing, relaxation, and healing. 

In reflexology, the body is divided into 10 vertical energy zones that run from the feet up the body to the head and down the arms to the hands. All of the organs in a zone can be healed by massaging specific areas on the feet and hands.

Most reflexologists concentrate on the feet and are able to feel which areas are out of balance by the level of response of the patient. These painful areas are then eased by the application of pressure.

A consultation with a reflexology therapist will include questions about general health and lifestyle as well as an examination of the bare feet. Treatment is applied by pressure to specific points to stimulate the body and restore harmony.

The number of sessions required will vary depending on the nature of the problem and how long it has been experienced. Many common disorders have been found to respond well, although no 'scientific' evidence of meridians.

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