Deep Sleep and Relaxation...
Feel Refreshed & Rejuvenated!

Most of us counter-act the benefits of deep relaxation and sleep by using soft mattresses, watching television, and eating before retiring etc.

If You are using energy for digestion or processing thoughts, you are not using it to repair and recharge your vital life-force energy while you sleep.

There are 3 levels of sleep which are repeated in a cycle 4 or 5 times each night. The first is shallow sleep where the heart beat drops, breathing becomes slow and regular and the body is liable to toss & turn.

This is followed by a period of deep sleep, where both muscles and brain are relaxed, growth hormones are released and protein production is increased, the body is repairing itself and dead cells are replaced.

Next a period of sleep where electrical activity of the brain increases and the breathing and heart beat become irregular. It is at this level that we dream, which is indicated by rapid eye movement (REM).

Rest and relaxation can be gained by lying immobile without sleeping... we sleep, apparently to dream.

If you cannot sleep don't worry, breathe deeply, and relax. It is likely that during the sleep you get, your brain fulfills its dreaming requirements.

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Experience Deep Relaxation
to Boost Your Vital Energy

Can you learn to instantly relax and restore your energy - anywhere, at anytime in just a few minutes ? Yes - if you use the methods and secret techniques of Yoga developed by Indian and Tibetan Masters and Adepts.

Here's a quick and easy exercise you can try...

Settle into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then contract and tense ALL of your muscles for 1-3 seconds, then release, relax and let-go.

Do this several times and feel the tension flow out through your heels into the depths of the earth. To improve the benefits of this simple exercise...

Visualise and imagine yourself in your ideal relaxing environment... by the sea, a flowing river, stream, a forest or wood, at the foot or peak of a mountain, waves breaking on the shore, a garden full of colour with the scent of flowers, etc.

Breathe in pure air, healing colours and the beauty of your surroundings, and allow energy to spread throughout your body and mind. As you breathe out let the stress and tension flow out through your heels into the depths of the earth.

To boost the benefits of this simple routine...

Begin and end each session by gently stretching your body. This recharges and revitalises your physical and mental life-force energy. Take the benefits of this routine to achieve restful sleep and relaxation by including daily exercise.

Optimum Health Secrets  7 Key Action Steps that show you, exactly how to boost your energy levels and experience glowing health... for Fast Results!

Deep Sleep and
Total Relaxation

When you have slept well you awaken with renewed energy and have a more positive outlook on the day ahead.

It is so important to develop correct sleep and relaxation patterns to put you in harmony with nature and the natural flow of vital life-force energy.

You can determine what is natural by observing that you are energetic after sunrise and tired and passive after sunset. So nature tells you to arise at sunrise and retire at sunset for  maximum benefits... right?

This is just not possible for so many people who have developed artificial habits in their busy complex lives... so-called 'modern society'.

Try to arrange your lifestyle and be more sensitive to your needs. You must learn to respect your internal rhythm and remember the hours before midnight are the most valuable to replenish vital energy for quality sleep and relaxation.

Doctors know that nervous problems of tension, anxiety, irritability, anger and many other forms of extreme emotions stop us from being relaxed and at ease.

If we are not at ease, then we experience dis-ease, allowing energy to trickle away in a constant stream, resulting in wear and tear on the nervous system.

If you clench your fists, chew gum, drum repeatedly, frown and generally express your mental states in physical action you are wasting energy.

This can be seen in all aspects of our 'modern society'...

People are too busy leading complicated lives. This puts a drain on energy and effects quality of life, leading to dis-ease and a shortened lifespan.

" Breathe Deeply and Relax...

Let-Go of Tension and Be Healthy "

Most people who have mastered the ability to relax are usually active, vibrant and full of energy. The difference is that they don't waste energy.

Every action, mental or physical, conscious or unconscious uses up a certain amount of vital life-force energy.

If you have not built up reserves of energy then you can become weakened, tired and drained. Good sleep and relaxation will help build these reserves.

When the muscles and nerves are at rest the mind and body become calm and energy is stored for future use.

A good example of this can be seen in the animal world and particularly the cat family. This is an animal relaxed but ready for instant action...

no tension or waste of energy.

Thought takes form in action, so what you think about you will eventually become. Your actions have a reaction upon your mind, so it is necessary to cultivate and develop a calm and peaceful mental attitude.

Freeing yourself from worry, tension and strong emotions like anger can be achieved by looking directly and consciously at the fear involved. You can take control of the present moment, breathe deeply, relax and let-go.

When you are calm and relaxed it becomes easier to focus, concentrate and achieve our goals... the time to relax is when you don't have time to.

Optimum Health Secrets Key Action Steps that show you, exactly how to boost your energy levels and experience glowing health... for Fast Results!

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