Respect and Attitude For Sensei and Each Other in Aikido

by Sensei Natasha Hadwick
(Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK)

Etiquette is a big part of Yoshinkan training. Showing respect to your Sensei comes high on the list. Listening to your Sensei when shown a technique or told some points to improve, shows that you are...

open to learning!

Demonstrating what you have learnt in every day practice by doing your best shows dedication. Bowing to Sensei after being given instruction is important to say thank you.

You must always bow lower and for longer than a higher grade.(Only just making it noticeable is the best way to go without wasting time)

Anyone who takes note of their Sensei’s Birthday and sends a card has an understanding of how a keen respectful student should act.

Many students want to be on the fast track to receiving a black belt. There is no quick fix if one wants to earn it. The quickest way to learn is to watch the demonstrations intently so you know exactly what to do.

As soon as you are told to practice, train with someone different every time. If you are a blue belt, sometimes you can learn a similar amount about yourself and the technique from working with a white belt to working with a higher grade, as long as you have the right perspective.

When practicing, complete as many repetitions as possibly whilst staying safe. If you are learning a technique you know little about, there is not much to discuss!

Never interrupt or talk over your Sensei, this is a sign of disrespect. When in pairs the higher grade always goes first. If you are working in a group, the highest grade will instruct the students who need help until Sensei joins the group and then he/she will take over instruction.

In Aikido it is a sign of disrespect to attempt to instruct or correct someone of a higher grade than you.

It doesn’t take long to learn these details and then they are with you throughout your training. It’s all about having your priorities straight and doing your best.

By looking, listening, practicing and concentrating, you hold ALL the skills to control the efficiency of your knowledge growth.

Sensei Natasha Hadwick
Arun Aikido Club

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Oct 01, 2015
Very Informative
by: Tony Wilden

Well done Natasha, another good article! Correct etiquette is essential to develop a respectful attitude on and off the training mat.

This is your 5th online article, which completes the requirements for your upcoming 2nd Dan grading. We do still need your printed thesis on Aikido.

I hope you will continue to post your articles, thoughts, and insights to pass on to others what you have learned from your Aikido studies.

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