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Sensei Tony Wilden congratulates Sensei Natasha Hadwick on her aikido 2nd dan award

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Respect and Attitude For Sensei and Each Other in Aikido 
Etiquette is a big part of Yoshinkan training. Showing respect to your Sensei comes high on the list. Listening to your Sensei when shown a technique or …

The Misunderstanding Uke 
When male students resist my techniques, to try and make me look bad, so I cannot apply the move, they think it is funny. I would rather not hurt someone …

Sexism in Aikido 
Most men have been taught all their lives not to beat up women and that being respectful of them means not using physical force against them. Although …

Communication in Aikido 
I think that communication should be very important when training with multiple partners to avoid injury. It’s important for women to know how to take …

Women in Aikido 
Takako Kunigoshi is the only major female figure in pre-war Aikido to have a prominent role in the art’s history. She trained seriously, and gained the …

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