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Sensei Tony Wilden congratulates Sensei Robin Wilden on his 3rd Dan award.

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This is where Sensei Robin Wilden of the Arun Aikido Club posts his stories, articles, and training experiences. Please add your comments and Share it!

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Transitioning From Child to Adult in Aikido 
The reason I found myself writing about this is because the transition from junior to adult classes (particularly in Aikido) is not so much a step, but …

What We Learn Stays In The Dojo.....Or Does It? 
When we train in a dojo we are looking to sharpen our skills and reactions to try and reach the best of our ability mentally and physically. Those skills …

Breath Control in Aikido 
Breathing is something we have been doing all our lives so how can we possibly need to learn how to breathe when we practice Aikido? The answer is …

Aikido Training - Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone 
Its very easy for us to practice the things we enjoy most in our training and excel at. This builds confidence and makes us feel good. I was lucky …

A Brief History Of Aikido 
During the pre-war period Morihei Ueshiba was studying Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu with its founder Sokaku Takeda. In 1919 Ueshiba joined a Shinto sect …

True and False Attacks In The Martial Art of Aikido 
This is a much debated topic in the Aikido community and holds different levels of importance depending on which style you study and your individual perspective. …

Why You Should Vary Your Training Partners Regularly 
We have all been there, that moment when your Instructor has demonstrated the technique and then says pair up and practice. You have that favourite …

Learning How to Lose Gracefully Using Good Ukemi 
Sensei Robin Wilden (left) We are brought up and taught in life the importance of success, winning, and where this will get us. When it comes …

How to Get the Most Out of Your Aikido Training 
Firstly may I start be saying thank you to Sensei Tony Wilden for setting up this page. It offers me a chance to share some of my insights and thoughts …

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