Sound Healing Vibrations
to Balance Your Energy!

Sound Healing in the 21st century makes use of light and sound. It works with the vibratory rate of elements, cells, organs, and even states of consciousness. 

Composers of healing music use frequencies of audible sound and the human voice for the prevention and cure of illness and dis-ease.

The vibrations that produce sound represent an energy that is found throughout nature, our world, and beyond in the realms of the universe.

Music therapy, mantras, chants, and new age music all have ancient origins. The knowledge of sounds and words of power have survived centuries of materialism and remain a living heritage for the future.

Within the mysteries of sound is vibration, which you can use for healing, inspiration, balance, and path-ways that...

lead to harmony!

Your voice reflects the current state of your health. A healthy voice will be versatile, sensitive, warm, clear, and has purity of tone. Using your voice for sound healing will give you the vitality to transform your life.

Learn how to heal yourself using sound vibrations. For a profound awakening and powerful healing energy visit Sound Healing Music or...

Truly Unique Sound Healing Treatments in Bognor Regis UK

Sound Healing Vibrations
Are The Energy of Life

Sound is the vibrating motion of atoms and molecules that has enormous potential to bring together the hearts and minds of millions for common causes.

The success of musical fund-raising events (feed the world) demonstrates the powerful unity achieved through shared music.

Music is a gateway to personal discovery.

Children have an open mind and are often more willing to express themselves through instrument and song.

Your search will ultimately lead to meditation and contemplation to create harmony of your consciousness with nature, the planet, and universe.

Scientific research shows that different sounds effect different parts of the body and therapeutic application of these frequencies helps disorders of body & mind.

The seven main chakras (energy centres) are linked to various organs and body systems. Each chakra has an associated musical note.

Using sound vibrations you can step on the path to wisdom, freedom and power. It can help you relax and balance your mind-body-spirit, release your unconscious mind, tune into the rhythms of life and...

discover the music in nature and language.

Music has the power to influence the pulse rate, respiration, emotions and the flow and balance of energy in your whole being. Sound is the first principle of the universe and holds answers to your questions on life, health and well-being.

Optimum Health Secrets gives you secret words you can use for sound healing. Chanting and contemplation helps you relax and experience inner peace!

Truly Unique Sound Healing Treatments in Bognor Regis UK

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