Where Is Your Dojo Location?

by winarto
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Hi Tony Sensei who I respect, is your dojo in Japan?

I have a schedule to visit Japan in early April, while there is it possible to visit your dojo?

How much does it cost to have short classes such as 2 days intensive 2 hours each class only? Thanks in advance, again.



Hello Winarto, thanks for your question.

The Arun Aikido Club dojo is in West Sussex, United Kingdom.

I offer a variety of unique classes, seminars and private lessons. I teach traditional aikido yoshinkan, aiki principles, self defence, pressure points, and power generation.

1.5 hour traditional Aikido class - £9.00
3 hour Aikido or self defence seminar - £20
1.5 hour private lesson - £30
3 hour private lesson - £50

My lessons are unique and designed to speed up the learning process to help you develop your skills quickly.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Japan.



Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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