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Martial Arts? Thoughts on
the Opponent's Death
Everyone has their own viewpoint. For me, the martial arts are the art of war. A true martial artist must kill the opponent. The true opponent is within …

How To Develop Ki 
I have practiced and manipulated energy for a while, and can make strong ki balls. But sometimes I feel them and other people cant. 1 - Why is this …

Aiki and Technique 
Here in Indonesia, I have learned 4 years of Aikido affiliated to the Aikikai Federation, but mostly the training is techniques of aikido, with no spiritual …

Aikido Affiliate to Indonesia 
Onegai, my name is Teddy from Indonesia. I have some questions... When is YAMADA Sensei coming to Indonesia? How can I join or affiliate with YAMADA …

Ki Ball Help 
Hi I need help. I can make a ki ball perfectly but I don't know how to make it visible. I know that it being visible doesn't give it more power, but …

Level of Pain in Aikido Not rated yet
I have one more question about Aikido. I trained Aikido for about 2 years and changed schools. First school wasn't rough and it made me feel good in the …

Gozo Shioda and Boxer Not rated yet
Hello! My question is about master Gozo Shioda. I heard he once did kotegaeshi on a boxer. However I can't find which boxer it was, or Gozo Shioda …

Manipulating Energy? Not rated yet
What on earth is manipulating energy all about and how and why do you do it? Tony's Reply It really depends on what aspect of energy manipulation …

Leg Burn  Not rated yet
Help - my legs burn out after 10 minutes of lessons. I'm often not very balanced because it takes so much energy to move that I'm often not in the …

Rafael Guber  Not rated yet
My question... This is more in the way of the developmental history that emerged as Aikido. I am writing a monograph that touches upon Theodore Roosevelt …

Concerned For Uke Not rated yet
I have been practicing aikido for a few years now, and am a bigger burly type at 5'9" and weigh in at a solid 240. I practice with more women than …

Breathing to Release Pain Not rated yet
I have just read your statements on basic breathing. I am ninety one years old and sense that some of your suggestions on breathing properly may displace …

Where Is Your Dojo Location? Not rated yet
Hi Tony Sensei who I respect, is your dojo in Japan? I have a schedule to visit Japan in early April, while there is it possible to visit your dojo? …

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