Practise Zen Meditation and Contemplate Inner Peace!

Zen meditation is a form of mental stillness and calm. It is not a religion but a system of living, a method for attaining complete release from the controls of the physical world.

Sitting still is a practise which allows your mind to become quiet and relaxed. You'll gradually become aware of your surrounding environment.

Success is achieved when reasoning is stopped. This is where the experience and development of intuition may become your true reality.

This unique approach is through silent sitting until the mind becomes empty. The essence is the dimension of thought without any individual consciousness. Some of the most important principles are...

correct posture, breath control, relaxation, and attitude of mind.

Just as in budo, the first level of training is on the conscious use of willpower to act on the principles. This period may last 5-10 years.

The second level is concentration without consciousness, where the student is at peace and receives knowledge and becomes an assistant master.

The third level is where the spirit achieves freedom and the student is in a position to become a master in his own right. These 3 stages are also found in budo and takes a lot of discipline and plenty of patience.

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Zen Meditation
In Seiza (kneeling)

Master Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei - Founder of Aikido

Zazen is beyond thought, it is pure thought without any personal consciousness, balanced and in harmony with the universe.

Conscious thinking is important in everyday life, but sometimes it is possible to act without consciousness or ego. The action takes place by itself before any conscious thought...

it is pure action... the essence of sitting in silence.

Seiza (kneeling) contemplation aims at the perfection of the human. The extra achievement of health and longevity are secondary factors.

Follow the universal laws of spirit and nature using posture, relaxation, breathing, self-discipline and patience. The basic method involved is...

  • Sit still, spine straight, chin pulled in, relax down.
  • Breathe gently and deeply, exhale longer.
  • Relax and let go, dropping energy down.
  • Keep mind on the hara, the centre of gravity.
  • Focused eyes, limited blinking.

There are many different approaches to mind power training. But sitting still usually comes down to 3 simple things...

1 - Focusing the mind through discipline

2 - Allowing and observing through contemplation

3 - Imagination and visualisation to experience 'inner worlds'

Whether you are studying meditation, aikido, martial or healing arts, natural or alternative health, or any of the vast variety of spiritual paths  there is ONE underlying core principle... Attention to Correct Breathing!

Yes now, breathe deeply and RELAX, just for a moment...

You Deserve It :)

The time to relax is when you don't have the time to.

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