Are There Real Advantages
of Organic Food?

The advantages of organic food

Are there Advantages of Organic Food? Should YOU avoid eating chemicals?

YES - of course!

Many of the Labels on your foods are misleading and do not tell you the whole story. Unless you eat only organic food, you are consuming traces of pesticides that build up in your body that can lead to ill health and dis-ease. 

The first pesticides were organochlorines - proved toxic and unbiodegradable, and most were banned in Europe. These were replaced by organophosphates, and in the UK over 25 tonnes of pesticides are sprayed on crops every year.

Many of these compounds are known to be carcinogenic, linked to birth defects, affect fertility and toxic to the brain and nervous system.

Exposure is linked to many health conditions... depression, poor memory, aggression, parkinson's disease, asthma, eczema, migraine, bowel problems.

Governments allow pesticides because it is argued that they are safe to humans at low levels. These tests are done on individual pesticides, and no-one has tested them in the infinite combinations we are forced to consume them in.

There are multiple residues found on lettuce, apples, strawberries, pears, oranges, celery, carrots etc. This all adds up to a cocktail of pesticides with completely untested and unknown effects on our health. Studies have shown they may be hundreds of times more toxic in combination than alone.

People who are young, elderly or stressed are far more susceptible to toxins than the average healthy adult, so these set safety levels are absolutely meaningless.

You should aim to drastically reduce your exposure and intake of these chemicals by choosing organic foods as often as possible.

As you can see, the advantages of organic food are many!  

A lot of your energy is used by your body trying to minimize the effects of these chemicals. Some cannot be eliminated and are stored in the tissues of your body until you are overloaded, leading to illness and dis-ease. 

By supporting the organic movement back to nature, you are helping to reduce the damage of chemical pollution. This is a real threat to your health, your environment and the future of humanity. 

Eating raw, organic food is the most natural and beneficial method of putting nutrients into the body. Raw foods are full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are essential for health and longevity.

Avoid: sugar, alcohol, hydrogenated fats, excess animal fats, fried, burnt food, refined or processed food with additives, and cook food as little as possible. 

Eat organic foods: raw fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, beans, lentils. Drink at least 6 glasses of pure water, diluted juice, herb & fruit teas daily. Supplement with quality, multi vitamins and minerals each day.

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The Advantages of Organic Food is Vitality and Longevity

The Advantages of Organic Food

After a detour into science and inorganic medicines, people are once again being directed to the correct use of food to restore to health a world full of dis-ease. 

What you eat IS related to how you think, feel, and act. Your body is an amazing factory that needs constant maintenance. 

Food provides the energy and  essential nutrients for your body - carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. A balance is important to prevent illnesses and disease, some of which can be life threatening.


A diet that includes essential nerve-building vitamins, blood-building minerals, gland-stimulating protein, hormone-nourishing unsaturated fatty acids offers you Optimum Health that leads to actually experiencing glowing health.

It is essential that you should recognise the ill-effects of refining, processing, overcooking, and the convenience packaging of foods. If you eat junk-food your standards of living and thinking WILL drop. 

Many people are tired because the quality of the food that they choose to eat cannot be digested and absorbed.  Instead it becomes waste matter that turns into toxins and poisons causing a lack of energy. 

Your lifestyle - how you think and act is directly related to the nutritional quality of your food.  Your body consist of the foods you consume and a healthy body can only be built from pure quality ingredients. 

The advantages of Organic food and supplements is that they can deliver ALL of the nutrients that YOU need on a daily basis.

Enzymes offer you a key to longevity, as they aid in the absorption of food. Sun ripened raw fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, sprouted seeds, dried herbs will all give you more energy and vitality.  

The cells in your body are constantly changing, they grow, live, then die. This changeover of cells in your body gives you the ability to regenerate healthy tissues, by changing your living and eating habits. 

The advantages of organic food is that they are a pure, natural source of nutrients and full of essential goodness. Fruit is a natural cleanser and vegetables build and revitalise the body and mind. 

Its recommended that your food be organically grown. Also that you take quality supplements to be sure to absorb the nutrients your body needs daily.

Organic food was the basis of the human diet throughout history. In the 20th Century we began to include man-made chemicals in our food. 

The advantages of Organic food is that they are free from chemicals. It purifies and feeds all of the cells of your body. Yes, it is a bit more expensive, but  organic food should be part of a healthy lifestyle and not seen as a luxury. 

Avoid consuming chemical cocktails that effect you and the environment. By choosing organically grown foods, you WILL Improve Your Health.

Eating chemical food will be much more COSTLY in the long run for your health! You must agree that there are many advantages of organic - right?

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