Aikido for Self Discovery, Harmony, and Happiness!

Find your true self with Aikido for self discovery. Learn how to flow with life energy rather than resisting it. By doing this daily you will develop powerful ki energy, that you can use for the benefit of others.

Aikido is much more than just another martial art. It is a way to learn all about the most important person in your life - YOU.

And what you'll learn on the path...

may surprise you!

Using the martial techniques of Aikido, as a tool to develop your higher self is an exciting road to travel. You will learn many things about yourself that you like, but also many things that you don't like.

It helps you to become more aware by recognising the negative aspects of your character. This gives you an amazing opportunity to either...

Make changes or... ignore them!

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Aikido For
Self Discovery

The secret to using positive Aikido for self discovery is to develop and use your good qualities to help other people in their lives. That is, be open and helpful, in the dojo (training hall), and in daily life.

While working on things about yourself that you dislike, ego is very likely to show up, and must be released or at least controlled.

Being selfish, only thinking about your own needs, resisting techniques on the mat, resisting people in life, anger, sadness, etc...

you'll see plenty of it!

The great thing is that, Aikido for self discovery, helps you deal with all of the issues that come up, positive or negative. Your training in leadership Aikido will...

help you support others...

on and off the mat.

Remember also that, whatever comes up in your life, you'll learn how to deal with it in a positive way. Any ego or emotional energy will be put in  perspective. How important is a particular problem in the bigger picture?

Energy comes to you, and you can either hold onto it, where it stagnates and becomes negative, OR...

You Can Release It into the Universe!

Life gives energy, love, people, and material things to us and we must give it back. This is harmony that Morihei Ueshiba referred to often in his lectures.

Positive Aikido for self discovery is a way to truly empower your life. It will help you become more confident in yourself and go on to reach your dreams, desires, and life goals, helping other people along the way.

I recommend you get involved in leadership aikido, join an Aikido association, study the techniques, read the books, watch the dvds and go on to...

study the essence of the art.

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