Aikido in Daily Life
Develops Your Skills FAST!

The way to self mastery is to practise Aikido in daily life.

Most aikido students, like everyone else, are busy people, and do not have the time to practise their Aikido skills on a daily basis. This reduces their ability to learn the art down to a couple of times a week.

Training a few times a week is a slow process to developing real aikido skills.

After all, if the class is 2 hours long...

the first 20-30 minutes is taken up by warm-ups to prepare your mind and body for training. Then you might cover a series of basic Aikido movements for 30 minutes, to remind you of the mindset and form.

Then, maybe for another 30 minutes, you will cover several basic and advanced techniques. After some lecturing on theory... the class is over.

Have you noticed that in each class you are attempting to get to the skill level developed by previous classes? Once this level is reached you'll develop further.

BUT it takes almost half a class to return to where you left off each time, so how can you possibly develop your Aikido skills further with the time left.

It can't be done... at least not quickly.

This is why it takes so long to reach Dan grade level in Aikido!

Is there an easier way?

Of course!

The way to develop your Aikido training skills fast, and take your development to a whole new level, is to practise Aikido in daily life. A little at a time or for best effect a few hours, that moves you quickly forwards.

This may mean that you are working on the form, postures or movements at home... (make sure there is enough space)

A lot of what you learn in Aikido can be practiced without help. An instructor is definitely necessary to give you tips and feedback on techniques specifically.

But also about your direction in Aikido, your progress etc.

But YOU can work on many aspects of the art, at home, on your own or with a partner. Don't go throwing each other around in an unsafe environment and teacher present. But, practice your moves slowly, and think about them.

This is the real way to develop your skills fast!

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Practise Aikido In Daily
Principles and Theory

Even better than that type of practice is using the principles of Aikido in daily life. If you are working on the essence of Aikido you'll learn at warp speed!

You have just got to want it, a little more than what you are focusing on and doing each day. You can change your lifestyle around drastically and just go for it. Or you can introduce aikido in everyday life gradually...

its your choice, but it can be done!

There are several essential principles that you'll want to think about if you want to get the most out of this...

1 - How to Successfully choose your Aikido instructor.

2 - The best ways to focus your mind for training.

3 - Learn principles of Aikido - the real key to effective techniques.

4 - How to prevent and treat Aikido training injuries -Fast!

5 - Learn how to avoid many of the training pitfalls that slow you down.

And many, many more!

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