Can Aikido Principles
Improve Your Techniques?

Can the study of Aikido Principles develop your skills at a faster rate?

Of course!

You will need to dedicate some time to serious training, but along the way, if you also learn how to train smart you can certainly speed up the learning process.

In fact, you may actually surprise yourself!

You will need an experienced Aikido instructor to teach you the basic techniques in a dojo training hall. As you practice, you'll gradually understand some of the principles that make the techniques effective.

BUT, you can quickly develop your skills by studying an Aikido principle separate from a technique. This is part of the way I teach...

with great results!

By studying in this way you can develop a deeper understanding, and your Aikido techniques will become far more powerful.

There are only three methods of training...

1 - Learning techniques.

2 - Analyzing posture and form.

3 - Studying principles.  

Most Aikido instructors actively teach the first two, but an understanding of the principles of aikido can take a long, long time and...

1,000's of repetitions of technique.

But, if you consciously work on aikido principles, then hard technical training will be far more beneficial for you. You'll know how and why techniques work, and be able to learn at a much faster rate.

Sounds good... right?

I have made an intense study of Aiki since 1985 and discovered that it is possible to speed up the learning process by focusing on aiki principles.

It has helped me gain an insight into exactly how to fast-track the training process and achieve real skills.

I made many notes along the way as I discovered more principles, and after years of testing (on my son Robin and daughter Natasha),

I have written all about it.

I can show you exactly how to greatly increase your skills. To experience Aikido success, you have to  train hard, but also... Train Smart!

My Aikido Principles Success Blueprint shows you exactly how to train smart. With Key Action Steps... Take Action and YOU will see Results... FAST!

Aiki Principles

These unique principles include...

proper alignment, entering, turning, relaxation, acceleration and penetration through target, non-resistance, acceptance, leading energy, awareness of your surrounding environment, timing, ki-ai shouts, atemi strikes,

distraction, balance taking, keeping one point, controlling the circle, weight dropping, weight shifting, avoiding direct conflict etc. Just a few...

there are many more!

By analyzing these principles separately from techniques, you'll understand what the techniques are designed to teach you. Add hard training and Smart Training and YOU will soon become an aikido expert with unique knowledge.

If you live on the south coast or are visiting  the United Kingdom, you may want to take some Private Lessons from me to get the most value in...

the shortest possible time!

I teach Aikido Yoshinkan, aiki principles, pressure points, power development, etc. Lessons can be designed so that you decide exactly what you want to learn.

If you cannot get to the UK, I recommend my Aikido Success Blueprint for an absolute ton of unique information and an absolute gold-mine of wisdom.

Self Defence and
Aikido Principles

For several months I made an intense study of self defence principles. I was one of 7 people on a training program with Master Russell Stutely...

who qualified as one of his... Pressure Point Fighting Instructors.

He is regarded as the No 1 pressure point expert in Europe, and among a handful of the best in the world. His methods work and are very effective!

Russell pushed us hard and I had to do thousands of reps every day, a 10,000 word thesis, and a video demo. It was gruelling, but I have developed some excellent new skills that can be easily adapted to aikido.

In fact, Russell's area coach is also a 6th Dan in Aikido...

and he is powerful!

I hold unique Self Defence Seminars a few times every year based on what I learnt from Master Stutely, including key Aikido Principles :)

There are many important aiki principles that can certainly help you greatly improve your techniques. My Aikido Success Blueprint discusses, in great detail, exactly how to develop your skills fast. Plus Key action Steps for Fast Results!

I have included a FREE Video as an extra bonus with this collection. It covers some of the important aikido principles that you can use right away.

This is truly unique information that you wont find anywhere else!

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