Aikido Sensei, What It
Means and Highest Ranks

Aikido Sensei

What does Aikido sensei mean?

Well, a sensei is a term that is usually used for someone who teaches martial arts. They will have studied and practiced for many years, before developing the skills required to be termed a Sensei.

The exact meaning of sensei in the Collins dictionary is: " a Japanese title for a teacher, master, or professional... used especially for a martial arts teacher "

Therefore an Aikido Sensei is an instructor, teacher, or coach. They may teach as their main job and be a professional. More rarely they may also be regarded as a master teacher. Often master teachers also have other titles too.

Grandmaster or Master are titles for senior or experienced martial artists. These titles are often honorary, meaning that they do not describe rank, but state the individual as highly regarded in their martial art school, system, or style.

I am regarded as an Aikido Sensei, because I have been studying since 1985. I founded the Arun Aikido Club in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK in 1992. We offer aikido classes 7-70 years. Also Self Defence Seminars and Private Lessons.

Many Asian martial art terms translate as teacher, master or grandmaster. Dan or Black belt ranks in martial arts come from Jigoro Kano the founder of Judo.

Japanese martial arts commonly use Sensei which means: teacher, born first, or one who has gone before. A Sensei is someone who has gained knowledge and willing to teach it to others. More terms here... 

  • O-Sensei: grandmaster given to Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei.
  • Shihan: high ranking or highly distinguished instructor.
  • Soke: head family or founder of style, ultimate authority of a martial art.
  • Sifu: means teacher or mentor. 

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Who Were The
Top Aikido Sensei?

Aikido Sensei

Interested in learning who were the top Aikido Sensei?

The founder of Aikido was THE highest ranked Aikido Sensei... even though he was above any rank as he founded the art of Aikido.

Morihei Ueshiba - O-Sensei

Kisshomaru Ueshiba - son of founder, second Doshu

Moriteru Ueshiba - son of Kisshomaru, third Doshu

Mitsuteru Ueshiba - son of Moriteru presumed successor

Koichi Tohei - 10th Dan officially awarded - certified by O-Sensei)

Michio Hikitsichi - 10th Dan - unofficially awarded - not certified by O-Sensei

Seiseki Abbe - 10th Dan - given verbally by O Sensei - Officially 8th Dan

Minoru Mochizuki - 10th dan - given by the IMAF in 1979

Yoshio Sugino - 10th dan - Katori Shinto Ryu headmaster by IMAF

Rinjiro Shirata - 10th dan - Aikikai - after deceased.

Gozo Shioda - 10th dan - given by the IMAF. Given 9th dan by O Sensei.

Osawa sensei - 10th dan - Aikikai - after deceased.

These were the highest ranked Aikido Sensei. Here are some more...

Noriaki Inoue - Aiki Budo

Kenji Tomiki - Shodokan Aikido

Kanshu Sunadomari - Manseikan Aikido

Rinjiro Shirata - Aikikai

Seigo Yamaguchi - Aikikai

Kisaburo Osawa - Aikikai

Bansen Tanaka - Aikikai

Hiroshi Tada - Aikikai

Shoji Nishio - Aikikai

Nobuyoshi Tamura - Aikikai

Kazuo Chiba - Aikikai

Mitsugi Saotome - Aikikai

Yoshimitsu Yamada - Aikikai

Kenshiro Abbe - Aikikai

Andre Nocquet - Aikikai

Steven Seagal - Aikikai

Robert Nadeau - Aikikai

Robert Frager - Aikikai

Christian Tissier - Aikikai

We hope you enjoyed reading my Aikido Sensei list... truly great masters. 

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