Alternative Health Videos
Are Great Teaching Aids

Alternative Health Videos

Do you watch alternative health videos?

Can these videos help you learn new health methods?

Of course!

Many years ago, the main learning aid was words. This was via lectures in person, or by reading books, magazines, and newspapers. This was the only way to gain knowledge and wisdom about a particular subject of interest. 

Then pictures were introduced to enhance the process of teaching and informing people. Now videos are the most effective means of passing on info.

There’s plenty of data that the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' is true. Although text still has an important place, research proves that visuals are far more powerful drivers of engagement than text. 

The same goes for alternative health videos as training aids.

Here are some researched facts...

Your brain was designed for visual information. 90% of the info processed by your brain is visual. It takes 13 milliseconds for your brain to process an image. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

80% of people remember what they see, compared to ten percent what they hear and 20 percent of what they read. People don’t have much patience for text, many people only read 20-28% of words on a page.

80% of people will watch a video but only 20% of people will read text on a page. 55% of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds actively reading.

Hearing is not great either, people remember about 10% of info 3 days later. But, if an image is used with the same info, people remember 65% 3 days later.

100 million hours of video are watched daily on Facebook – 85% with the sound off. 6 billion video ads are watched online each year. 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than by images and text combined.

So, it is clear, that your best way of learning and retaining information is by watching Alternative health videos.

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Alternative Health Videos
Some Great Examples

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Alternative Health Videos

So, it is clear that THE best way of learning is via video, then pictures, then text.

So what alternative health videos are YOU interested in?

Here's a selection to grab your interest... I hope you like them. Releasing Anxiety and stress is very useful at this time... right? check these out and enjoy!

EFT for Anxiety with Brad Yates

More on Emotional Freedom Technique

Let go of Fear with Hale Dwoskin - The Sedona Method

More on the Sedona Method

Spiritual Hu Chant - Eckankar

More on Eckankar

Well, that gives you some interesting Alternative Health Videos.

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