Can Animated Aikido
Techniques Help
YOU Improve Your Aiki Skills?

Do you think it is possible that animated Aikido techniques can help you improve your training skills? I believe they can and will, but just like anything else in life you get out exactly what you put in.

Of course it's an important part of Aikido training to understand and experience a wide range of techniques. This involves plenty of thinking to weigh up the pros and cons of different ways of seeing the techniques.

Eventually, after much thought, and an intellectual understanding of the principles and theories involved... it will be time to Take Action!

After physically doing the techniques over and over again, thousands of times, your body will eventually develop it's own skills.

This is where your mind begins to become quiet and allows your body to deal with the attacking energy in the best possible way.

So , to recap...

it's important to intellectually understand Aikido, but even more important for your body to understand it, without the complex involvement of your mind.

This takes many years of repetitive practice.

In fact, studies have shown, that to develop a muscle memory in your body requires a minimum of 3,500 repetitions. Also bear in mind, that these thousands of repetitions have to be correctly carried out.

How many repetitions do you think it would take to do 3,500 precise aikido techniques? 3,500 of course :)

Be aware that 3,500 reps of each aikido technique may take you a while.

In the past, the masters made students practice a technique until proficient, then moved onto the next one. Unfortunately, these days, most students just haven't go the willpower to do this, because they tend to get bored too easily.

These days instructors have to entertain their students as well as train them :)

If you don't keep it interesting and exciting they will leave. On the other hand, if they don't take part in focused training, they wont be able to grade and they will leave. Your damned if you do and damned if you don't :)

To get the Best Results you must train hard, but train smart...

My Aikido Success Blueprint shows YOU exactly how to Train Smart!

3-D Animated
Aikido Techniques

Aikido 3D offers a unique, interactive training aid that uses animated Aikido techniques to examine the art. It's designed to enrich your Aikido training journey, and based on the Aikido of Donovan Waite, 7th Dan Shihan.

It teaches concepts to improve understanding of basics, and helps with names and meanings. Students can see techniques from various angles and speeds.

You can also listen to audio for every technique and learn about the name, meaning and points to consider. In fact, Aikido 3d helps you control many aspects of watching and listening to suit your individual needs.

It's a great resource that I recommend. For more info visit... Aikido 3d

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Ideal for beginners, seasoned students and even experienced instructors.

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