Deep Breathing

by John

I wanted to make a comment on deep breathing. Recently I have been searching the web about persistent high blood pressure, despite taking drugs and following healthy plant based nutrition.

I was suspecting that it could have to do with breathing. The heart should also get it's oxygen through breathing.

I stumbled on some interesting web sites, writing about a Russian doctor called Konstantin Buteyko. He studied breathing and he came to the conclusion that what we have been doing and recommending as deep breathing is not the right way.

He says that breathing should be slow and imperceptible. That we should strive to breathe less and shallower, instead of more and deep. On the other hand we should also strive to control our breath by being able to hold the breath after expiration, in order to avoid too much CO2 to escape.

Besides my blood pressure problems, I also used to snore. It seems that there is one little thing we could do to minimize or stop snoring. don't lie on your back while sleeping and keeping your mouth shut.

There are a number of websites, dedicated to the Buteyko method, one of which is

I have tried some tips and exercises and I can say that I am not snoring anymore. (According to those who watch me sleep, because I am not bothered by my own snoring).

It seems that the real yoga masters don't teach deep breathing either. They also teach breath control and shallow imperceptible breathing, at least at rest.

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Jul 12, 2012
Tony's Reply
by: Tony Wilden

Many thanks for your post on deep breathing John. I appreciate your comments and will research the Buteyko method further.

I had heard of it before, in relation to how asthma sufferers can benefit from it.

It's great that you have used the method to help others... not having to hear you snore anymore :)

I agree that calm controlled breathing is the right way to practise.

In my studies, I learn't that health is all about the condition of our blood cells. Each cell needs a balance of positive and negative elements.

Positive from absorption of ki, (chi, prana) and negative through food and water. Blood cells are circulated throughout the body to release these elements as required by the bodily systems.

When these cells return depleted, they gather negative elements and go to the lower chambers of the lungs where the positive exchange is made.

If breathing is too shallow, then essential oxygen and ki (chi, prana) is not available to the blood cells.

In this way the blood cell, even if it has a good supply of vitamins and minerals, will not be able to transfer positive elements.

This eventually leads to the body breaking down and illness and dis-ease show their faces.

There is a lot more to this process, and I hope you can see that filling the lungs with clean fresh air is just as important as emptying them.



Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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