Feedback on Deep Breathing

by Subir Tandon
(Kota, Rajasthan, India)

Dear Sir

Reading your article on deep breathing and stopping breath is excellent. I do deep breathing along with meditation. Drinking water a lot really helps.

I would like to know how many times in a day that stopping breath should be done? Do these two activities increase positive energy, high blood pressure and depression.


Tony's Reply

Thanks for your kind comments on my article, it's good to get feedback, and hear you are practising these essentials for health.

If you have any health concerns, always consult your doctor before taking up extreme practise of any kind. Relaxation helps reduce high blood pressure and depression.

Deep breathing helps you relax more!

How long you hold your breath, and how many times you practise each day really comes down to what personally suits you. Either way, it is something you build up gradually.

If you do too much, too soon, you may get light-headed.

I recommend beginning with holding the breath for 10 seconds for 3-5 times a day for a week or two. Then build it up from there.

After 3-6 months you may be up to 10 times per day and holding for 1-2 minutes. But only do what is comfortable without strain.

Hold breath with lungs full, increases positive energy. Hold breath with lungs empty, increases negative energy.

A balance of positive and negative energy is harmony... yin/yang!



Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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