Martial Arts? Thoughts on
the Opponent's Death

by Tino
(Montreal, Canada)

Everyone has their own viewpoint. For me, the martial arts are the art of war. A true martial artist must kill the opponent. The true opponent is within and he or she is the most dangerous one. Before harmonizing with others, that deadly opponent inside must be dispatched.

What do you think about Aikido as a martial art designed to kill? The falls could easily kill someone. A choke can be applied if taisabaki is used to completely envelope the adversary from behind.

Critical damage can be applied by striking vital areas, for example: the palm of your hand fits perfectly on someone's cheek. What if you possess such technique to spur on a herniated neck with a technical strike to the face?


This message is intended for artistic purposes Only. I do not condone using aikido outside the dojo. I don't recommend going to any 'hot spots' either, where you will have a chance to use aikido. Slums, bars or back alleys count as 'hot spots'.

If you really want that, try to practice for at least 10-15 years or have other martial arts experience. as an art, aikido is a healthy way to channel dark emotions and war-like energy in a positive way. If you want to use aikido as an eastern killing style, do it to kill the one inside, not anyone outside, and do it for artistic value.

Why not go buy yourself new weapons? or build a small dojo or shrine at home. You can practice all the dark arts you want but when someone dies, it's over... not to mention there being repercussions to everything we do against the law.


Staying at home with your cat or annoying, cute & nerdy soul-mate or friend will save money not to mention save your ass.

Do like I did and plan a trip to Japan. I did witness the police using aikido in japan but by the time I found my way to where the crazy guy was, it was already over.

It might sound dumb but we were all pretty sure he was a small time mobster for the yakuza. Let's call him Doug. My cat is not afraid of Doug, but Doug is a dangerous b@$t@rd. He could do horrible things to my cat and me.

Stay home and for lack of better words... F*** Doug. he's not worth it.


After that rant I wish you luck. kick some inner demons right in the balls and stay away from trouble.

your friend,


" that's it wilson. drive your knee through his face, shove his brains through his ears. good wilson... "

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the Opponent's Death

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Jun 18, 2015

by: Tony

Very interesting viewpoint Tino, with good advice... thanks!

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