Develop Your Martial Arts
Aikido & Self Defence Skills!

In Japan the practise of martial arts is often combined with Budo and Zen to achieve balance and harmony. Since the dawn of time human beings have strived to push back the limits of their strength and wisdom.

The Combat arts and Aikido self defence offer you a method for Personal challenge and self-discovery through which mastery can be achieved.

Learn discipline, focus, breath control, balance, awareness, power and inner strength. It's a study with a long tradition, the techniques of the Japanese arts go back to the Samurai.

There are many different forms of budo as seen by the numerous arts available to you today. They all teach the abandonment of attachments, ego,and personal desires.

Skills are transmitted from master to disciple.

Zen adds the dimension of wisdom to the physical and mental strength that is developed. As warriors on the path, it is our duty to follow the laws of nature and serve the people.

The place for mastery of self is in the awareness of every moment...

Right Now!

In Budo there is little time for conscious thought - intention and action must be simultaneous with peace and tranquility of movement. It begins and ends with courtesy and gratitude, otherwise our practise will become dangerous to others and merely brutal.

Aikido Success Blueprint offers you key action steps & principles for fast results!

Martial Arts

The following gives you some essential requirements for achieving excellence, practical self defence, and the ability to really protect yourself, your loved ones, and the community.

1 -  A Good level of health, fitness and stamina.

2 -  Develop a positive mental attitude.

3 -  An Awareness of your environment and surroundings.

4 -  Study a complete fighting system... don't hop around.

5 -  Practise - train hard to fight easy.

6 -  Have a definite plan of action.

7 -  Keep it simple, flexible and adaptable.

8 - Be prepared to deliver a pre-emptive strike.

9 -  Retreat is a natural response to an attack.

10 - Morality, ethics and law require  minimum force.

Self Defence Secrets - Pressure Tested and Proven Master Strategies!

Develop Effective
Self Defence Skills

If YOU are considering starting your training or already practicing, at some point you may ask yourself...

Can I really defend myself?

You see most traditional arts teach a variety of techniques that are great. But, real violence is unpredictable, very aggressive, and has been shown to make victims freeze on the spot... even well-trained people.

With adrenaline surging throughout your body and fear and terror on your mind, it can be a real shock. This can overload your system, unless you are prepared for these feelings.

What's the answer?

Carry on with your training, but study with a knowledgeable instructor, who can also show you the best techniques for the street and exactly...

How to adapt them to make them work!

If you are new to Aikido and Martial Arts, have been practicing for years, or are an Instructor who finds it difficult to control those 'Resistant' students and struggling to make your techniques work...

then this is for you!

Here is Your Chance to Discover how to more than double your power with the MFFS (multiplied force fighting system) range of dvds. I have this collection and the difference in effectiveness is Amazing. Many of the principles are covered in my...

Self Defence Secrets - Pressure Tested and Proven Master Strategies!

Martial Arts Master Russell Stutely has been acknowledged as Europe's Leading Authority on the use of Acupressure Points in the Martial Arts. He has been instrumental in dragging Traditional Arts into the 21st Century.

Russell is a regular Columnist for Britain's most prestigious  magazines, Martial Arts Illustrated, Traditional Karate and Combat.  He is in constant demand on the seminar circuit, teaching his proven methods of the correct use of Pressure Points.

OR... you can train locally in Bognor Regis, West Sussex Uk. In 2010 I took an intensive study with Russell and qualified as one of 7 Pressure Point Fighting instructors. I teach the essential, very effective skills in my unique Self Defence Seminars or in Private Lessons

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