How to Use Powerful Aikido Martial Arts Techniques
to Control Any Attacker!

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There are dozens of excellent martial arts, that can teach you many useful skills. In most, you will learn how to discipline your mind and body, develop confidence, speed, strength, power, stamina, flexibility, plus... devastating self defence techniques!

They tend to focus on a particular area, and depend on what you want from your training. You may have an interest in Western, Chinese, or Japanese arts. For example...

1 - Learn how to punch with power, try Boxing.

2 - How to punch and kick, try Karate, Kung Fu or Kickboxing.

3 - Grappling, or groundwork, try Wrestling, Judo or BJJ.

4 - To learn how to evade, control and throw, try Aikido or Jujutsu.

Here, I will focus on some of the unique Aikido Martial Arts techniques, and how they may be of use to you. Bare in mind that complicated techniques that work well in training, are less likely to work in a street fight situation.

In reality it is the most simple moves that will work for you.

Aikido was promoted throughout Japan by Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei (1883-1969), a student of multiple martial arts. He derived the major techniques of aikido from Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu, which he learned from Sokaku Takeda in Hokkaido, between 1915-1919.

Ueshiba and his gifted disciples are responsible for the current position of aikido as a popular Japanese martial art, and a way to become one with the universe or harmonize with the movement and rhythm of nature.

It appears that Aikido has the greatest number of followers in France, United States, Japan, Germany, and England, respectively.

Aikido includes strikes, pins, joint-locks, immobilisations, throws, weapons, and also has a spiritual component. An advanced student is a master of techniques to break the opponent's balance and evade strikes, grabs and kicks.

Aikido martial arts techniques can kill or injure, but fundamentally their purpose is to seize control of the opponent. All of the principles of swordsmanship (eye contact, proper distance, timing, and cutting methods) are incorporated into aikido movements.

There are plenty of benefits that can be taken into your daily life. It develops an ability to connect with other people in a positive way, which promotes a good outcome in any situation. But it can also protect you in times of need, where you may be in danger.

Aikido martial arts techniques are usually practised in a traditional manner, but can easily be adapted for real self defence purposes. Of course, the aim of Aikido is harmony, to find a way of avoiding trouble.

As an Aikidoka you have a responsilbility to find a peaceful path through all of life's problems. If you fail in this, and as a last resort, you can protect yourself, your family, friends, and even your community.

So, it is good to practise your Aikido martial arts techniques, as if it is for real. The closer you get to practising defence from powerful attacks, the more confident you can be in a real street combat scenario.

If you fail to practise hard, then you will not have the tools required when that surge of adrenaline runs through you in a violent.

You see, in the street there are no rules, and your attacker will not be compliant and fall down easily for you. So train hard but Train Smart, to ensure you have what it takes to survive, when it all kicks off.

Aikido Martial Arts
Train Hard - Fight Easy!

A high ranking Aikido Yoshinkan instructor once said to me...

" A warrior chooses to use minimum force to control a situation.

If you haven't learnt how to use maximum force, then there is no choice "

So, your Aikido martial arts techniques, should be performed in a soft flowing way, but also practiced in a powerful martial way. This type of variable training gives you the ability to make these important choices.

In order to practice this way then you will need to find someone who is prepared to be roughed up at times. Also you must accept the same in return. Take your training right to the edge, and practice there.

Well then, what are the Aikido martial arts techniques, that you would choose, as...

THE most effective?

Your choice is vast... shihonage, ikkajo, nikajo, sankajo, yonkajo, gokajo, iriminage, hiji-jime, hije-ate, kote-gaeshi, kokyu-nage, kaiten-nage, koshi-nage etc...

the list goes on!

Irimi and tenkan should be high on your list!

Whatever techniques you choose as your most effective moves, you will have to learn to adapt them for a real situation. You must practice at an advanced level to flow from one technique to another.

Personally, I have made an intense study of Aikido for 30+ years. I have also studied the principles, that run through many defence systems.

This training has given me many insights along the way, which led me to write the unique Aikido Success Blueprint and Optimum Health Secrets  and Self Defence Secrets

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