Using Aikido In Combat
Situations to Protect Yourself!

Using Aikido in combat will help you protect yourself. This may make the difference between surviving in an Aikido combat situation, or not!

Depending on the level of skill you already have, you can enhance your performance with combat Aikido. Of course, if you already have skills from the millitary, security, doorwork, or street fighting experience, then...

you may already have gathered some of this info.

If you are a beginner, have experience in martial arts, or being trained by someone who has never had a fight, then this will be useful to you. Often, martial arts instructors have no experience of real combat.

Their instructor may not have any experience of it either.

This is good in many ways. Obviously they know how to avoid trouble, one of the main reasons for learning martial arts. Its very different using aikido in combat!

There are some instructors who teach their students street defense, in a way that is unlikely to work in a real combat situation.

This may mean that there are thousands of students believing they have the tools to protect themselves in a street attack, when they probably don't...

Are YOU Really Sure?

By adapting the knowledge that you have, you can boost your chances to a new level. The main thing is to be realistic, and learn what will really protect you.

Or suffer the consequences!

So, what are the main points, that you will need to know about using Aikido in combat situations? Here are some of the key elements involved...

1 - Developing an awareness of your surrounding environment. Learning how to observe with a 360 degree viewpoint... to avoid rear attacks.

2 - Being able to quickly move forwards, backwards, side-to-side, and diagonally... without losing your balance.

3 - Knowing how to avoid any situation, by not being there!

4 - Learning how to verbally calm down an aggressor.

5 - Knowing when the right time to act arrives. A pre-emptive strike, just before they attack can save you from an all out war.

6 - Having the tools to cause pain without permanent injury. Using Aikido in combat atemi - pressure point strikes to effect your attacker fast.

7 - Using the minimum amount of force to get the job done.

8 - Getting out of a difficult situation fast.

9 - Dealing with the authorities.

10 - The main thing is to survive, don't be there, walk away, run away, talk them down, use a pre-emptive strike to control it quickly, or an all out war...

the choice may often be yours, so prepare for every scenario.

Actually using aikido in combat is difficult, because complex aikido techniques are not available to you when your adrenaline is flowing.

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Pressure Points! Using Aikido
in Combat Situations!

Master Russell Stutely - Founder of OCFM

Open Circle Fighting Method

My studies led me to the work of a great instructor, who has given me the tools to feel a lot more confident about using my abilities in Aikido combat.

He also teaches how to truly speed up the learning curve by reducing his methods down to the essentials... What Actually Works!

He spent years at the cutting edge of real combat. Many of his students are doormen, security, police, and millitary, who need the best methods to stay safe.

He has developed a fantastic curriculum of effective tools that will greatly enhance your ability for using Aikido in combat.

Who is he?

His name is Master Russell Stutely, who is acknowledged as Europe's Leading Authority on the use of pressure points in the martial arts.

He has been instrumental in dragging traditional martial arts into the 21st century. He is a regular columnist for Britain's most prestigious martial arts magazines, Martial Arts Illustrated, Traditional Karate and Combat.

Russell is in constant demand on the seminar circuit, teaching his proven methods of the correct use of Pressure Points and Power in street self defence.

Learn his methods, and discover How To Double Your Power!

I am a fully qualified Instructor under Master Stutely, and I offer YOU some of his best methods in my unique Self Defence Seminars in Bognor Regis UK.

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