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Aikido Graphics Gallery...

Arun Aikido Club Photos!

Thanks for visiting our Aikido Graphics Gallery, where You will see dozens of interesting pictures that we have taken over the years.

Description of image The Wilden's - Left to right... Tony, Jo, Samuel, Natasha, Robin, and at the front Holly.

Taken on a rare sunny day in Bognor Regis UK
Description of image This is me early in 2010 during my preparations for the re-opening the Arun Aikido Club, after a 3 year break.
Description of image Robin, Josephine, Natasha and Samuel (front) at our new dojo in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK.
Description of image Samuel throws Natasha and Tony at the same time.
Description of image Robin, Jo, Natasha and Samuel smiling... rare ;)
Description of image Jo, Robin, Tony, Natasha and Samuel. Taken before our new mats arrived.
These mats are thin (ouch!)
Description of image Arun Aikido Club juniors... Robert, Aruna, Sensei Natasha, Samuel, and Christopher.
Description of image Our juniors kneeling on our new mats. The background picture is of Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei - the founder of Aikido.
Description of image Sensei Natasha, Christopher, and Aruna.
Description of image Samuel, Robert and Sensei Natasha.
Description of image Samuel pins Aruna.
Description of image Aruna pins Samuel.
Description of image Christopher and Robert bow in respect, as they watch each other carefully.
Description of image Christopher and Robert in posture, whilst observing correct and safe distance.
Description of image Aruna and Samuel always have fun and enjoy their classes!
Description of image Sensei Natasha teaching a technique. Notice the focus on a strong posture.
Description of image Samuel pins Aruna by controlling her elbow.
Description of image Sensei Natasha helping Aruna with her posture, in preparation for her first grading.
Description of image Christopher perform shihonage on Sensei Tony.
Description of image Christopher enjoys pinning Sensei Tony.
Description of image Robert perform ikkajo on Sensei Tony, while christopher analyzes the action.
Description of image Robert performs shihonage on Sensei Tony.
Description of image Arun Aikido Club Instructors Sensei's Robin, Tony, Natasha and Josephine - the Wilden's.
Description of image Arun Aikido Club Instructors bow to you in respect!

We hope you enjoyed our Aikido Graphics Gallery photographs. Continue your journey through the Arun Aikido Club gallery...

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