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Aikido Grading Photos 2012

The following Aikido grading photos were taken at Arun Aikido Club grading seminars that were held on 24th November 2011 and June 28th 2012 in Bognor Regis West Sussex UK.

Arun Aikido Club junior students line up to begin their grading seminar.

Students are given their final instructions from Sensei Natasha Wilden.

Aruna Gibson, Sammy Copeland, Daniel Copeland, and Jack Keane about to begin their practise of Kihon Dosa (basic movements).

Students final practise of kihon dosa before their grading begins.

Aruna Gibson practises grading techniques with her uke Samuel Wilden.

Aruna as she practises posture and focused power with Samuel.

Sensei Robin Wilden shows students how to perform shumatsu dosa ni.

Sensei Natasha Wilden shows Aruna the finer points of migi hanmi kamae.

Jack Keane practises atemi (distracting strike) with uke Samuel Wilden.

Arion Gadd receives his 6th kyu green belt award and certificate from his instructors Sensei Tony Wilden 4th Dan & Sensei Robin Wilden 2nd Dan

Sensei Tony Wilden, Arion Gadd, Sensei Robin Wilden

Jack Keane, Sammy Copeland, and Daniel Copeland with their grading certificates that were awarded by Sensei Natasha Wilden 1st Dan

Sensei Natasha Wilden and some of her junior students.

Tony Wilden, Natasha Wilden, Robin Wilden. James Hurren, Robert Bradbury, Christopher Bradbury, Samuel Wilden, Jack Keane, Sammy Copeland, and Daniel Copeland.

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