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Description of image This is part of an Aikido demonstration we did at Bognor Sports Centre, UK.

Garry Masters Sensei demo's a shihonage pin on uke Deanne Feeney.
Description of image This is also part of the same Aikido demo with Tony Wilden Sensei in kamae - posture.
Description of image This was taken during a 'normal' junior class at our Arun Dojo.

It gives an indication that students also have fun as part of their Aikido studies.
Description of image A line up to start an Aikido junior class.

I insisted that students knees should be on the red line... they almost had it right... :)

Description of image These were my top junior students at the Arun Aikido Club Dojo.

They trained hard and had fun in their lessons and their belts changed colour... as they progressed.
Description of image This was taken after an Aikido junior class. Our kids always enjoyed receiving their certificates.

The diplomas confirmed they were improving, and it gives them something to show their families.
Description of image This line up is much better.

The focus becomes stronger and can be used for Aikido techniques during the class.
Description of image Here Keith is throwing Edward with kokyunage.

Keith was always full of energy and enjoyed fast action in his Aikido.
Description of image This was taken during a junior grading seminar. Here Edward is again being thrown with sokumen iriminage.

Edward went on to become one of our best uke's (receiver of technique).
Description of image Another grading success story at the Arun Aikido Club.

My daughter Natasha received her junior brown belt, along with the other participants.
Description of image This was taken in 1996, and is the grading panel when I tested for my Aikido 2nd Dan.

Including Sensei's Garry Masters, Roger Bish, Tracey Masters, and Terry Harrison.
Description of image This was taken after my Aikido grading result just before leaving the building.

I was happy with my effort and the result, but was exhausted for a few days.
Description of image Taken after a regular Aikido junior class. Robin, Edward and Mary-Jayne are joined by an overseas visitor from France.

Picture of O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba was drawn by Ken Dehaan Sensei for Edward.
Description of image Photo taken during a seminar in Telford, Shropshire UK. for Shinwakai Aikido

Sensei's Jack and Marill Poole, Dave Matthews, Tony Wilden. Joined by Robin Wilden and Julian Jessup
Description of image Also from the same seminar. Jack Sensei gives Robin some tips from his wealth of experience.

Whilst I am going into some detail, in the foreground.
Description of image Back at the Arun Aikido Club Dojo in Bognor Regis UK.

Robin was almost flying after this kokyunage throw, whilst I tried to keep good posture.
Description of image This was taken before a class at Arun Aikido, where I was attacked by Robin and Edward. I managed to unbalance them both with sokumen iriminage.

Robin and Edward trained with me for many years and became my main uke's (receivers). They were adult brown belts here.
Description of image Robin and Edward, who became assistant instructors, were constantly trying to catch me out with their attacks.

As you can see a double kokyunage throw took care of this effort.

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