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Description of image The panel consider the success or failures of another series of grading tests at Arun Aikido Dojo.

Tony Sensei and Ken were joined by Anthony Sensei and guest from the Bushinkan Martial Arts Association.
Description of image At the end of the class, after the closing rei, the results of the grading were given.

Of course all the students passed on this day, I always tried to make sure they were ready before offering them a test.
Description of image Congratulation are given to Richard Jones, a very good Aikido uke (receiver) and nice chap.

He moved back to Liverpool after a few years with us. He trains with Terry Ezra Sensei now.
Description of image Poor Robin, he is now an adult black belt in Aikido, and receives a particularly painful arm lock.

Of course after this photo was taken I launched him through the air. He was glad to roll out of this application.
Description of image The Arun Aikido Club give yet another demonstration of Aikido Yoshinkan.

I was performing with the bokken (wooden sword), while my students showed the same movements unarmed.
Description of image This was part of an Aikido demo I gave at the Dojo of John Hill Sensei... a Judo 6th Dan.

We later hired the same hall and mats from this very nice gentleman for several months.
Description of image These were some of my students, who helped me develop this class in Littlehampton UK.

As You can see Robin, Edward and Natasha are all grown up and are now excellent Aikidoka. Also joined by Ian Upstone and Mary-Jayne Bosley.
Description of image Here is a photo of John Hill Sensei - Judo 6th Dan and Tony Wilden Sensei - Aikido.

Although from different arts we had many long conversations regarding the arts of Budo. John Sensei told me some amazing stories about his years of training and healing... He was very generous.
Description of image This was part of my 4th Dan grading demonstration I gave for Brian Prince Sensei at his Portsmouth UK Dojo for the Bushinkan Martial Arts Association.

His classes were very relaxed as you can see from some of the students watching. Brian Sensei is an amazing teacher... very relaxed and natural.
Description of image Here I am receiving my 4th Dan certificate from Brian Prince Sensei.

He would say 'what do you want to practise' then would teach us fine details of our choices, we learnt a lot from him.
Description of image This was an Aikido demo we gave at an exhibition. There were so many people watching... great fun!

Sorry about the size of this picture :(
Description of image This was taken in Littlehampton UK, just before I gave a private lesson to a lady and her two daughters.

I was working on posture at the time and Robin had no choice but to work on flexibility.
Description of image This was a major grading seminar at my Arun Aikido Club Dojo. I had three students testing for their Shodan - 1st Dan level.

They all passed... just! Robin Wilden, Ken Ryall and Julian Jessup.
Description of image Ken Ryall receives his Shodan certificate from Tony Wilden Sensei.

Ken went on to become a full Instructor with us and was a very valuable asset to the Arun Aikido Club.
Description of image This was Robin Wilden receiving his Shodan certificate from Tony Wilden Sensei.

He had no favours from his father and went on to receive his Nidan 2nd Dan some years later and became Arun Club Instructor.
Description of image Edward Snodin receives his Shodan certificate from Tony Wilden Sensei.

He was an asset to the Arun Aikido Club and was always there supporting us... amazing energy!
Description of image Natasha Wilden receives her Shodan certificate from Tony Wilden Sensei.

She was a great support and an example of what ladies can achieve in Aikido. She trained as hard as the lads, and on many occasions... hammered them.
Description of image This is myself and my top four students. Notice that three of them began all the way back to when they were kids in 1992... what an achievement!

Ken started later in life and trained hard with our students. People came, tried and left the club, it was too difficult for most of them. These four had grit and determination!

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