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Arun Aikido Club at the
Bognor Regis Carnival 2014  

The Aikido pirates are at the Bognor Regis Carnival 2014.

Junior and adult members of the Arun Aikido Club gave a series of demonstrations at the Carnival event on 15th June 2014 in West Sussex.

Many thanks to our students and their families for their support. Thanks also Sensei Natasha and Sensei Robin who directed the demonstrations.

Usually the carnival is a procession of local groups as they walk along the seafront and around the town, but... it was rather different this year.

The organisors decided that each group would have a fixed pitch, and they also chose a theme... Pirates :) The event was a great success and thousands of visitors enjoyed the Bognor Regis Carnival 2014 mayhem.

We at the Arun Aikido Club also had a real challenge.

We had to give a demonstration on a road without mats, as we didn't want to damage ours on the rough surface, so... no breakfalls!

How could we demonstrate Aikido without mats? We had an excellent uke in Robin, who managed to stay on his feet... most of the time :)

Thank to our students, and their families who came along to support us, take part, and hand out leaflets. Tony, Robin, Natasha, Samuel, Ajay, Jack, Posey, Maxi, Charlie, Arion, Grahame, Kate, and Roman.

Thanks also to Brad for many of these pictures... its appreciated!

Check out the last picture below for my unique disappearing trick :)

Sensei Natasha Wilden is ready for pirate attacks

Sensei Robin Wilden and Samuel Wilden about to start demo.

Sensei Robin is attacked from behind by Grahame (local pirate).

Sensei Natasha uses ikkajo to stop a pirate getting his cutlass out

Sensei Natasha is laughing at Sensei Robin... how rude :)

Sensei Natasha performs kote gaeshi on Sensei Robin (knife removal). Notice the vicious pirates about to attack, and Samuel in the foreground.

Pirate Arion lines up for Sensei Robin's attack.

Pirate Arion performs balance break and knife taking.

Pirate Kate performs ikkajo on Sensei Robin.

Pirate Grahame deals with Sensei Robin's attack.

Pirate Kate has good elbow control on Sensei Robin and avoids cutlass.

Sensei Natasha removes cutlass from Sensei Robin.

Sensei Robin seems to be the attacker for everything. Are there any other students who would like to get themselves ready to share the uke work?

Another weapon disarm from Sensei Natasha.

Are my eyes blurry or is that Sensei Robin performing an elbow control on Sensei Natasha. I'm glad someone caught this picture... thanks Brad.

Sensei Robin performs a kote gaeshi to remove Sensei Natasha's cutlass.

Instructors and students perform a traditional bow after the demo.

More Bognor Regis Carnival
2014 Demo Pictures of
Sensei Tony and Sensei Robin

This last one is a very rare ninja disappearing move. Unfortunately, I left the toe of my trainers in view. OR a camera trick...

you be the judge :)

Thanks for checking out the Arun Aikido Club Bognor Regis Carnival 2014 demonstrations. Click below for more pictures and videos.

Arun Aikido Club Gallery...
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If you are interested in training with us please visit...Arun Aikido Club

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