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The Arun Aikido Club
Aiki Peace Week!

Master Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei - Founder of Aikido

In 2001, the United Nations declared September 21st as an International Day of Peace. On that day, every year, there are ceasefires in hundreds of conflicts around the world. Many organizations worldwide celebrate that day with thousands of peace day events, and benefit concerts to focus the world's attention on love, peace and harmony.

International Aiki Peace Week allows the Aikido community to take part in the global celebration of peace, and offer Morihei Ueshiba's remarkable vision to the world.

This gives the Arun Aikido Club, a unique opportunity to increase public awareness of Aikido as a joyful practice of harmony, compassion, and non-violence. We offer unique classes that teach aiki principles to manage conflict and prevent violence.

Training fees and donations for the Aiki Peace Week will be sent to Aiki Extensions who organise the events. They are a non-profit organisation founded in 1998, and dedicated to passing on and applying aiki principles outside of traditional martial arts training.

Members have applied Aiki principles in such areas as business, bodywork, psychotherapy, teaching, mediation, conflict resolution, and sports.

Tony Wilden, who founded the Arun Aikido Club in Bognor Regis in 1992, is a member of Aiki Extensions and committed to offering the community the unique art of Aikido. We invite YOU to join us and celebrate peace, harmony and also have fun :)

You'll find links below to the aiki peace events we have hosted since 2012. To book your place on this unique 3 hour seminar for just £10 - Click The Buy Now Button...

Our next Aiki Peace Seminar event is on Thursday 19th September 2019.

"  Tony Thank you for hosting the Aiki Peace seminar, it was a terrific evening, we really enjoyed it. It was great to try the new warm up exercises. We look forward to the next one! All the best Piers Cooke"

Sensei Piers Cooke 7th Dan
Coldharbour Aikido Club Dorking, Surrey UK

" Sensei Tony Just a quick note to thank you and Sensei Piers for your hospitality and excellent training to celebrate International Aiki Peace Week: I enjoyed myself enormously and learned a lot - best regards"

Mike Lewis - East Grinstead, Sussex UK

Arun Aikido Club

Aiki Peace Week 2019

Thursday 19th September 2019


Arun Aikido Club Dojo
Holy Cross Community Centre,
Chichester Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK PO21 5AU

Training Fee: £10

(all training fees donated to Aiki Extensions)


Sensei Tony J. Wilden 5th Dan

Sensei Neil Starks 5th Dan (tba)

Open to aikido students, and members of the public to come along and try Aiki principles. Covering a variety of aiki related activities including...

1 - How to be more aware of your surroundings.

2 - How to change your reaction to stress and tension.

3 - How to release problems and experience peace & harmony.

Practising a series of aiki exercises to feel more peaceful... breath control, relaxation, meditation, focus, mind power, partner training, balancing energy centres, tibetan yoga, fun, unique aiki techniques and much more!

You are most welcome to join us for our Aiki Peace Week celebration. Please wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing... jogging trousers/t-shirt.

This is a popular seminar each year, because it is so unique. We have space for just 10 more students, so click Buy Now button to book your place and avoid disappointment...

Our next Aiki Peace Seminar is on Thursday 19th September 2019.

3 Hours Just £10

Aiki Peace Week Seminars...

2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018

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