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Aiki Peace Week 2018 Seminar Bognor Regis

The following Aiki Peace Week 2018 photos and video were taken on 20th September.

For the 7th year, Sensei Tony J. Wilden 5th Dan and the Arun Aikido Club hosted their unique Aiki Peace Week Seminar in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK as part of the United Nations peace celebrations. Arun Aikido Club students who trained were...

Sensei Tony Wilden, Sensei Robin Wilden, Sensei Natasha Hadwick, Kevin Attrill, Samuel Wilden, Grahame Hurren, Kate Jackson, Mark Nolder, Daniel Grey, and Bradley Hadwick.

Sensei Piers Cooke 7th Dan from Coldharbour Aikido Club near Dorking Surrey, and Adrian O'Brien joined us. Plus Sensei Neil Starks 5th Dan from Ryusui Ryu in East Grinstead, Sussex and Mike Lewis joined us to celebrate this important event.

Sensei Tony took the warm up, which included breathing technique, tibetan yoga, aiki exercises of the founder, and chi kung, all designed to release stress, aid relaxation, improve flexibility, and balance your energy centres (chakras).

Sensei Neil took the next session, which included several techniques practiced in a more fluid way with a focus on timing and non-resistance. We also looked at using atemi to distract and unbalance to control the centre of our training partners.

Sensei Piers took the last session, which included several fast flowing techniques practised in a relaxed way which included nikyo and sankyo from a strong rear attack. We learnt the importance of not resisting, and moving freely mentally and physically.

Piers also took us through a unique meditation journey that had a very relaxing effect.

At the end of class Sensei Piers awarded a copy of the Art of Peace book donated by Sensei Tony. It covers many of the sayings of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei. The lucky recipient was Kate Jackson whose name was picked out... well done :) 

Many thanks to instructors and students that attended... it is much appreciated!

After an excellent Aiki Peace week 2018 seminar, with mat fees, student donations, and Arun Aikido Club donation we raised £110 which was sent to Aiki Extensions for the important conflict resolution work that they are doing all over the world.

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Aiki Peace Week
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