Aiki Peace Week 2016
Arun Aikido Club

The following Aiki Peace Week 2016 photos were taken on 22nd September. You can also watch the full video below!

For the 6th year, Sensei Tony J. Wilden 5th Dan and the Arun Aikido Club hosted their special Aiki Peace Week Seminar in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK as part of the United Nations peace celebrations.

Arun Aikido Club students who trained were...

Sensei Robin Wilden, Sensei Natasha Hadwick, Kevin Attrill, Samuel Wilden, Josephine Wilden, Kate Jackson, Simon Mahe, Colin Fitzgibbon & Kevin Price.

Sensei Neil Starks 5th Dan from Ryusui Ryu in East Grinstead, joined us with 4 students Sensei Paul Crooks, Colin Hampton, Elaine Hampton, Lucy Vernot.

Unfortunately Sensei Piers Cooke 7th Dan was unable to attend this year due to unforeseen circumstances. We look forward to meeting up with him in November at Coldharbour Aikido Club near Dorking Surrey.

Sensei Tony took the warm up, which included breath control, meditation, tibetan yoga, aiki exercises, and chi kung, all designed to release stress, aid relaxation, improve flexibility, and balance energy centres (chakras).

Tony told us all how to use intent, relaxation, and hip power in our techniques to help work in harmony with our training partners.

Sensei Neil then showed us how to find our partners balance point, and lead our training partner to this point to unbalance and take control.

Neil then showed various ways of countering techniques. By working with each other slowly it reduced the desire to win and become competitive. This was great fun and led to many unusual movements :)

Many thanks to students that attended... its much appreciated!

Apart from the benefits to students, we raised £110 in donations sent to Aiki Extensions for the important conflict resolution work they do all over the world.

For more information about this unique event visit Aiki Peace Week

If YOU took part in an Aiki Peace celebration we want to hear about it! Kindly visit our Aiki Peace Week Forum and tell us all about your unique experience...

it's good to share :)

Here are some of the photo's, with video to follow soon...

Aiki Peace Week
2016 Seminar Photo's

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