Aiki Peace Week
Seminar Sept. 2017

The following Aiki Peace Week 2017 photos and video were taken on 21st September.

For the 7th year, Sensei Tony Wilden and Arun Aikido Club hosted their Aiki Peace Week Seminar in West Sussex UK as part of the United Nations peace celebrations.

Arun Aikido Club students were... Sensei Tony Wilden, Sensei Robin Wilden, Samuel Wilden, Josephine Wilden, Grahame Hurren, Roman Penzes, Michael Carroll, and Dan Grey.

Sensei Piers Cooke, and Sensei Daniel Easton joined us from Coldharbour Aikido Club.

Sensei Tony took the warm up, which included breathing technique, tibetan yoga, aiki exercises of the founder, and chi kung, all designed to release stress, aid relaxation, improve flexibility, and balance energy centres (chakras).

Tony told us how to use intent and hip power to work in harmony with our partners.

Sensei Piers Cooke 7th dan showed us how to project our key power, and perform our techniques in a relaxed way. We covered several interesting techniques including... nikyo, kokyunage, kote-gaeshi, etc.

Our students are surprised how powerful Sensei's techniques are when performed in a totally relaxed way :)

Many thanks to students that attended, and were so generous... it is much appreciated. Apart from the training benefits, we raised £90 in donations for Aiki Extensions and the important conflict resolution work that they are doing all over the world.

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Below are the photos and video...

Aiki Peace Week
2017 Seminar Photo's

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