Arun Aikido Club
Grading 2015

Arun Aikido Club Grading 2015

Robin Wilden 3rd Dan, Tony Wilden 5th Dan, Natasha Hadwick 2nd Dan

Robin Wilden 3rd Dan, Tony Wilden 5th Dan, Natasha Hadwick 2nd Dan,

Chris Orchard 7th kyu, Grahame Hurren 5th kyu, Kevin Attrill 2nd kyu,      

Kate Jackson 5th kyu, Roman Penzes 6th kyu

Sensei Tony congratulates Sensei Robin on his 3rd Dan award.

Sensei Tony congratulates Sensei Natasha on her 2nd Dan award.

On 15th October 2015, the Arun Aikido Club held a grading in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK. It was hosted by Sensei Tony J. Wilden 5th Dan, and Sensei Piers Cooke 7th dan joined Tony on the grading panel.

It was a long evening (4.5 hours) because we had students grading from 7th kyu all the way up to 3rd dan. It must have been difficult for students who had to wait a long time to take their test.

Students who took their test earlier, and had to wait to receive their results :)

Of course, advanced students are well aware that patience is part of the discipline required.  Students should feel honoured to have witnessed the more advanced students and instructors take their rare gradings.

We could have broken the gradings into two separate events. Fortunately, students are aware exactly what it takes to arrange a grading seminar, and they understood why this was not an option.

Another issue that came up was the temperature.

At this time of year, it was starting to get colder. We had students sitting still and waiting, and on the other hand we had students working hard grading.

So, was it doors open for good ventilation of essential oxygen, or doors closed for those feeling the cold. Unfortunately, we couldn't please everyone, but...

as students are warriors and not worriers all was okay :)

Arun Aikido Club Grading 2015

Some students before grading... about to warm up.

Students warm up and practise... Samuel Wilden working on posture.

Samuel Wilden and Ajay Denny getting tips from Sensei Natasha Hadwick.

Grading begins as students line up for Kihon Dosa (basic movements).

Samuel Wilden during his grading with his uke Ajay Denny.

Joseph Dorrell warms-up in preparation to uke for Kevin Attrill's grading.

Kevin Attrill performing his techniques with uke Joseph Dorrell.

Natasha Hadwick during her grading with uke Joseph Dorrell.

Robin Wilden during his grading with uke Joseph Dorrell.

Arun Aikido Club
Grading Results

Both Sensei Piers Cooke 7th Dan and Sensei Tony J. Wilden 5th Dan were pleased with the level of skill demonstrated, and everyone passed. The Arun Aikido Club are pleased to announce the following Grading Results...

Sensei Robin Wilden - 3rd dan black belt

Sensei Natasha Hadwick - 2nd dan black belt

Kevin Attrill - 2nd kyu brown belt

Samuel Wilden - 3rd kyu brown belt (j)

Grahame Hurren - 5th kyu blue belt

Kate Jackson - 5th kyu blue belt

Roman Penzes - 6th kyu green belt

Chris Orchard - 7th kyu yellow belt

Well done for all your hard work and congratulations! You will be receiving your excellent quality grading certificates in a few weeks.

Students will be pleased to know, that we will return to general aikido training where you can practise with different training partners :)

If you are aged between 7-70, want to learn the art of Aikido, train hard, and test yourself, you are welcome to join us at the Arun Aikido Club

Arun Aikido Club
Grading 2015 Photo's

Students line up at the end of class ready to hear the grading results.

Sensei Piers and students before grading results are announced.

Sensei Piers Cooke 7th Dan congratulates Sensei Robin Wilden 3rd Dan and Sensei Natasha Hadwick 2nd Dan on their grading success.

Sensei Piers with 3 generations of the Wilden family. From left to right... Josephine, Samuel, Natasha, Piers, Robin, and Tony.

Arun Aikido Club instructors and top junior student with Sensei Piers.

Group photo with top adult student far right.

Happy faces after their grading success :)

Joseph Dorrell says he isn't tired after being an uke for 3 advanced gradings, 100+ techniques. If there are any other dojo's that need an energetic uke for the Arun Aikido Club grading 2015 seminar... please let us know :)

Group photo of Instructors and students.

Grahame, Josephine, and Kate... shocked and pleased :)

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