Hotham Park Aikido Demo 2017. Video and Photo's of
The Arun Aikido Club Event

Here's our truly unique hotham park aikido demo 2017. Below you'll find our video and lots of photo's of the Arun Aikido Club students in their 

The hotham park country fair is a unique weekend event, held in August every year in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, which is on the south coast UK.

Sensei Natasha Hadwick and Sensei Tony J. Wilden organised and prepared for this unique event. This took more planning than our usual demonstration, as we had a Gazebo and stall all day on the Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm.

Instructors and students gave a public demonstration on the Sunday morning, and we offered several mini demos throughout both days. We also had a stall offering info on our Aikido Classes, Self Defence Seminars and Private Lessons.

We also took bookings for our yearly Aiki Peace Week Seminar.

Thanks to everyone who supported us at our hotham park aikido demo 2017...

Sensei Tony J. Wilden, Sensei Robin Wilden, Sensei Natasha Hadwick, Kevin Attrill, Samuel Wilden, Josephine Wilden, Roman Penzes, Michael Carroll, Blue Gibson-Watson, Bradley Hadwick, Zoe Gibson, Denise Aston, and Leo Hadwick.

Many thanks also to those lovely people who stopped by for a chat... it was lovely to meet you all. Check out the following photographs and unique video at our Hotham Park Aikido demo 2017

Brad, Natasha, Tony, Robin, Josephine, Samuel, and Blue at the front.

Preparing our stall just before the hotham park demo 2017 event.

Arun Aikido Club table is finally ready for a busy day.

Someone was rather artistic with our promotional postcards :)

Instructors and students about to give their unique Hotham Park aikido demo 2017 to the public. Sensei Tony (front), Sensei Robin, Sensei Natasha, Kevin, Roman, Michael, Samuel, and Blue.

Sensei Robin throws Sensei Natasha.

Sensei Natasha throws Sensei Robin.

Sensei Robin puts wrist lock on Samuel.

Sensei Natasha throws Samuel.

Samuel Wilden looking cool :)

Sensei Natasha breaks Samuel's balance, and is about to throw.

Robin applies wristlock to Samuel.

Samuel throws Sensei Robin, with Samuel's brother Leo.

Sensei Robin throws Kevin.

Hotham Park
Aikido Demo 2017

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