Arun Aikido 2020 Photo's Before Coronavirus Issue

Below are a few Arun Aikido 2020 junior class photo's a month or so before the unique coronavirus shutdown around the world. We are sorry that we cannot offer regular aikido classes during this time.

We hope to resume training in few weeks/months.

Junior and adult Students, please remember you were about to take part in a Grading Seminar. We suggest that you continue to exercise regularly at home and keep reading a practicing various elements of your grading techniques.

Only exercise carefully in a safe place, and remember to warm up and stretch thoroughly before practicing kihon dosa or your techniques.

Stay Safe and Healthy during this difficult time.... best wishes from Sensei Tony, Sensei Robin, Sensei Natasha, Samuel, and Josephine.

Here are a few arun aikido 2020 photo's...

Sensei Natasha Leads Kihon Dosa practise

Sensei Robin and Becky Practise Kamae Posture

All students Ikkajo Practise

Group Practise With New Student Leo

Samuel Throws Sensei Tony

Group breathing technique and ki-ai shout practise

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