Hotham Park Aikido Demo 2019. Video and Photo's of our
Unique Arun Aikido Club Event

Arun Aikido Club Hotham Park Aikido Demo 2019. The country fair is a unique weekend event, held in August every year in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK. Many thanks to Sensei Natasha Hadwick who organised this unique event.

Instructors and students gave a public demonstration on Sunday 4th August.  

Thanks to everyone who made the effort and took the time to support us at our Hotham Park Aikido Demo 2019...

Tony Wilden, Robin Wilden, Natasha Hadwick, Kevin Attrill, Samuel Wilden, Kate Jackson, Grahame Hurren, Bradley Hadwick, Rebecca Holland, Anja Szarowicz, Josephine Wilden, Roman Penzes, Denise Aston, Leo Hadwick, Michael Hadwick.

Many thanks also to those lovely people who stopped by for a chat :)

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Check out the following photographs and Unique Video Below...

Bradley Hadwick gave an excellent microphone presentation of Arun Aikido Club

A member of the public trying our unbendable arm exercise with Sensei Robin.

Instructor and juniors practising Ikkajo arm control.

Someone was rather artistic with our promotional postcards :)

Sensei Tony performing a technique on Samuel.

Sensei Natasha, Samuel, Rebecca and Anja practising Ikkajo arm control.

Sensei Natasha and our juniors practising tenchinage - heaven and earth throw.

Another great photo of our juniors in action... Sensei Natasha, Samuel, Rebecca, and Anja... with Sensei Tony observing practice!

Sensei Robin and our adult students in action.

Sensei Tony demo's iriminage throw on Sensei Robin

Sensei Robin, Kevin, Kate and Grahame demonstrate iriminage throw.

More iriminage... great for breaking an attackers balance.

Robin & Kevin, Grahame & Kate performing Kote Gaeshi... painful wrist control.

Sensei Robin throws Grahame with Kokyunage - breath throw.

Kevin Throws Sensei Robin during Jiyuwaza - freestyle.

Sensei Natasha throws Sensei Tony during Jiyuwaza - freestyle.

Sensei Natasha breaks Sensei Tony's balance before a throw.

Sensei Robin breaks Kevin's balance before throwing during jiyuwaza - freestyle.

Poor Kevin is about to receive kote gaeshi - a painful wrist control throw.

Sensei Tony throws Sensei Robin with a kokyunage - breath throw.

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Hotham Park
Aikido Demo 2019

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